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Argon Audio TT-4

"This deck is all about pitch-perfect, accurate music replay, aided by a 1.5kg platter, heavyweight MDF plinth and vibration-damping feet – even the 8.9in carbon-fibre tonearm features an ATS (Anisotropic Torsion Stabiliser) system to minimise resonances. Ease of use is aided by the TT-4’s integrated, high-quality RIAA phono preamp, electronic speed control and prefitted Ortofon 2M Red cartridge. And with its timeless combination of wood veneer, black and white chassis options, this overperforming turntable is a bit of a looker too…"

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Argon Audio SOLO

"The Argon Audio SOLO is a great little streaming box! It supports various streaming services and is easy and reliable to set up. The sound quality is really clean, even satisfying the needs of demanding listeners."

Grade: 1.3 | Class: Premium Class | Price/Performance: Very good

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Argon Audio FORTE A5 MK2

"The Argon Audio Forte A5 MK2 is a refinement of an already successful recipe. The sound is nothing to complain about, as they play with a precision you’ll have to look hard for in this price range. Here the choice will easily come down to between it and Argon’s smaller and cheaper Forte A4. Unless both budget and room size are very limited, it pays to opt for the Forte A5, which plays both deeper and louder. In my medium-sized 25 square metre living room, there was no shortage of power."

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Argon Audio SOLO

"When using the analogue output, you may notice that the music quality is slightly inferior compared to that of expensive high-end streamers, but given the price point, it's impossible to criticize the Argon Audio SOLO for anything. It works well, is easy to set up, and functions without any problems, without requiring any digital maintenance. If you want to maximize its potential, combine it with an external digital converter or connect it digitally to one of your amplifier's or receiver's digital inputs. Doing so will significantly improve the overall sound quality and exceed the value of the product for the price paid."

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Argon Audio FENRIS A4

"These stylish and modern active speakers offer surprisingly powerful sound! I was impressed by the perceived soundscape and also surprised by the great sound that comes out of such small speakers. Along with good detail reproduction, the dynamic and structured low-frequency range is convincing and underlines the versatility of the Fenris A4."

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Argon Audio FORTE A4 MK2

"Argon Audio makes a bold statement in compact design with the FORTE A4 MK2. The demanding Danish company impresses on several levels: visually, the speaker pair is an elegant mini sound furniture piece that reflects its Scandinavian origin. Most importantly, the FORTE A4 MK2 has exceptional sound quality. The sound is powerful, has great depth, and is very clear, regardless of the music genre. The two speakers are highly versatile, replacing both a soundbar and a Hi-Fi system. Visually, it's high-end, and acoustically, it's high-end. We give this performance a big compliment!"

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Argon Audio TT

"I was pleasantly surprised by the rendering of the turntable. It's not a flat, lifeless rendition, but a dynamic rendering with plenty of detail. My favorite John Mayer album, Continuum, sounds excellent, with flowing guitar parts and lots of texture in the bass lines. The drums sound tight, and the vocals have a nice full sound. The turntable offers a great way to (re)discover the world of vinyl."

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Argon Audio TT-4

"The Argon Audio TT-4 is impressive on multiple levels: its timeless and elegant design, its sophisticated concept, the high-quality tonearm, the excellent cartridge system, and of course, its integrated phono preamplifier. The combination of style and features is further complemented by its sound quality. In my testing, it proved to be an exciting all-rounder that can handle soft tones just as well as rocking guitar sounds and heavy bass beats. All things considered, this Danish turntable is an unconditional recommendation for vinyl newcomers with high sound demands, as well as those who are looking for a cool and flexible turntable without the need for many hi-fi components cluttering their living space."

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Argon Audio FENRIS A55

"With the Argon Audio Fenris A55, you can enjoy excellent sound quality at a very reasonable price. The speaker set provides versatile connection options, ranging from your TV to your record player, making it an excellent choice as the centerpiece of a low-budget hi-fi system."

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Argon Audio SOLO

"The sound quality of the SOLO is at a level I wouldn't have believed possible for sub-€500 streamers until recently. It may not be the most dynamic or analytically detailed device, but it makes up for it with a mature, minimally distanced, and very pleasing sound that is both relaxed and authoritative, clean and undistorted, and spatially expansive. It features Bluetooth, AirPlay, and Roon Ready compatibility, making it quite versatile, if not fully maxed out. The optics, hands-on controls, and industrial design are all exceptional for the price point. The Argon Audio SOLO is not just an add-on or an upgrade path for existing models from the brand; it's a true price-to-performance sensation at this price."

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Argon Audio FENRIS A5

"The Argon Audio Fenris is a solid speaker set that fills a gap in the market and reflects a good trend that has been gaining momentum for a few years. The Fenris A5 is a versatile speaker that performs exceptionally well for both TV and music playback. Priced at €399, it is certainly a reasonable investment and therefore earns a clear recommendation and an honorable rating."

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Based on 347 reviews
Olli R.

First things first. The sound quality. I don't know if my speakers are faulty, but I don't like the sound quality at all. The sound is thin, cold and bassless even I have subwoofer connected. Compared to my previous Yamaha RX-V583+Wharfedale Diamond 9.1, they beat ArgonAudio speakers 100-0. It is true that AA's tone is very clear, but if this is The AA Tone, I don't like it. Waiting for my son to listen speakers too what he thinks about them, it is very close that I wil return the speakers. Another issue is, that the Auto Power Up doesn't work with my Panasonic tv. The speakers turn off, when I shut down tv, but they don't power up, when I turn on the tv.

Jouni P.
Forte A4 MK2

Absolutely brilliant speakers for listening to music. Plays cleanly and distinctly at every volume. I highly recommend.


Nice pair of speakers, very easy to setup using HDMI-ARC and Bluetooth. Clear sound with decent bass for a such a small speakers. I use them mainly around my LG TV. Maybe I supplement them later with the subwoofer anyhow. Delivery worked fine as well.

Walter K.
Top Lautsprecher, sehr zu Empfehlen

Ich kann die FORTE A5 MK2

bestens empfehlen, zumal ich einen direkten vergleich zur Nubert nuPro SP-200
habe da sie ebenfalls in meinen Haushalt vorhanden sind.

Die FORTE A5 MK2 sind sauber verarbeitet und leicht in Betrieb zu setzen.
Ich betreibe diese Boxen über den optischen Eingang und über Bluetooth.
Das pairing mit Bluetooth geht sehr einfach und schnell, der Klang ist sehr gut.
Der Klang mit den optischen Eingang ist nochmals besser, schöner Bass ohne
zu dröhnen oder bollern, klare Höhen ohne überbetonung. Stimmen sind klar,
und im allgemeinen sehr räumlich und transparent.
Ich empfinde die FORTE A5 MK2 auch im direkten vergleich zur nuPro SP-200
als die angenehmere Wahl was dem Klang angeht.

Was ich mir allerdings wünschen würde, wäre ein 2 optischer Eingang,
dieser fehlt mir.

Quality speakers with low price

Solid built quality (also looks nice) and good sound in overall. For this price, I think it's very difficult, even impossible, to find better speakers.
I attached these to Argon SA-1 along with 10" Velodyne sub. Works very well with music from Spotify or turntable. Also great for watching movies!


Just a litle to bright for me


Good quality speakers! Nice, detailled and open sound. Tight bass. And above all great customer service!

Antti S.

Bluetooth working really nice. Easy to change between devices. Only thing I would complain about is the volume control, as it is a bit hard to adjust to exact volume level especially at lower levels. Otherwise nice design and easy to use.

Juha J.


Domenic L.
Tolle Lautsprecher

Ich betreibe die A5 MK2 in meinem Wintergarten für Musik und TV und bin mit dem Klang und der Leistung sehr zufrieden

Peter S.
Best price/performance ratio

I‘ve own 4 in-ear headphones between 50-300€. ArgonAudio gets the best clear Sound with a sufficient noice cancelling for this price. Nice intuitive Controlling. The Sound and the Noice cancelling can be bettered but then the headphones should be more expensive compared with other high-performance in-ear headphones. I am looking forward to install ArgonAudio speakers in our new building.

Kai K.
Good value for the money

Considering it's price, excellent product. Works great with my LG Oled TV.

Ralf L.
Stark im Klang und in der Verarbeitung

Der Klang unbeschreiblich , die Verarbeitung perfekt. Leider harmonieren die Lautsprecher nicht mit meinem Sony TV , beim umschalten auf HDMI über Arc gab es immer ein sehr lautes, aggressives Störgeräusch, egal wie laut der Sound aufgedreht war, dieses Geräusch kam dann mit voller Lautstärke, man zuckte sofort zusammen. Sehr wahrscheinlich liegt es am Sony TV, ich habe alles versucht aber es nicht hinbekommen. Da diese Funktion das Kaufargument war habe ich sie leider zurücksenden müssen. Sehr schmerzlich denn so gute Lautsprecher hatte ich noch nie und ich besitze auch einige andere .

Margus V.
Aragon Audio turntable TT4

TT4-is impressive, stylish design with excellent sound.
Thank you Aragon Audio.

Tomi R.
Excellent speaker at a low price

The bass response is very good. Nice and open midrange. HDMI input.

Szilard S.
Top at price class

At first try I thought it is not clean an powerful enough, although the speakers were alao brand new. After using a week for listening music and also for home theatre, I am very pleased with this little box. Ot has a huge power, and musics are also very clean now using apple music. Polk audio signature elite es20 could be a fair pairing. I absolutely recommend it.

Nadji B.

Der Plattenspieler ist einfach genial.,
für wenig Geld mach das Leben schön.


Jussi K.

Nice sound

Tomi K.
Forte A55

Oikein hyvät kaiuttimet, helppo ottaa käyttöön ja äänenlaatu todella hyvä. Napakka basso ja kirkkaasti soiva diskantti, toistaa hyvin ihan kaikenlaista musiikkia.

Susanne R.
Sehr gut.

Super gut.

Janno N.
Excellent minimalist streamer

Simple to set up and very hood sound wuality from onboard dac. I want an minimalist aout and away solution for my music and sound delivery. The Solo is ideal for that and it does not have a lot of unused features so you get your money's worth.

Tommi L.
good choice

nice sound, very easy setup, price is great.

Jean-Pierre C.
Très satisfait

Appareil très facile à utiliser dont l'association à un amplificateur de qualité de marque Cambridge Audio donne un résultat sonore remarquable.

Irene A.
Ein Klanggenuss

Es kommt ein satter Bass aus den " kleinen Boxen" die auch noch umwerfend pragmatisch aussehen. Ich konnte super zufrieden auch mit dem Support, der umgehend reagiert hat.