TT-2 Optical


Our TT-2 Optical record player is the record player you want. It’s easy to connect directly to your speakers or amp and will instantly bump your cultural status up a class or two. It sounds great, looks better, and no it isn’t on sale. The price always looks like that.


If sound quality is your main concern - this is the turntable for you


Analogue on Purpose

TT-2 Optical is a well-built record player if there ever was one. The needle, the pick-up, the plate – they’re all made from high-end parts that you’d usually only find on way more expensive models. The base is heavy, meaning your records won’t slide around damaging the needle and your precious ears. TT-2 Optical comes pre-mounted with an Ortofon OM5e MM-pickup. This one even has the RIAA amp built in - so you can plug it directly into your amp or your active speakers! As the name of this record player suggests, we've added a optical output alongside the regular analog output, meaning plug and play with just about anything, even your soundbar!

The Charm of Vinyl

Yes, your grandpa probably refers to the times of old with a bit too much enthusiasm. But if there’s one thing his generation did nail, it’s their choice of physical media. CD’s, cassette tapes, weird torrented MP3-files with a guy blow drying his hair in the background – they all came and went – vinyl stayed. That’s because there’s a charm to the ridiculously large discs, the detailed placement of the needle, and the lack of an all-knowing playlist AI shuffling your music, that you just can’t find anywhere else today. Investing in a record player really is investing in your music experiences.

Wallet Friendly Design

We’ve done everything in our power to keep the production costs down on TT-2. There are no fancy design choices, and that’s entirely on purpose. The matte finish stands out on its own and sends an important statement to the rest of the room, that you’re the guy with a record player. If you want a few extras, we’ve got an array of accesories for you to customize and pimp your TT-2 with.

Contrary to our regular TT-2 record player, TT-2 Optical is made with an optical out so you can connect it to an optical in on your amp or on your speakers. The TT-2 Optical also has a regular line out, for plug and play into any analogue input.

The Promise

Unfortunately, the sound of Argon Audio is the one thing you’ll never experience on this website. That’s why we do our money-back-guarantee; if you don’t like it, you don’t have to buy it. But we bet you will. Read more.

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Technical specifications


  • Speeds: 33/45 rpm
  • Pickup: MM (Ortofon OM5e)
  • RIAA amplifier: Yes
  • Optical output: Yes
  • Analog output: Yes (RCA)
  • Size: 42.0 x 11.2 x 33.0 cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 4,1 kg
  • Plate: glass
  • 8.6 "tone arm in aluminum
  • Effective arm length: 21.9 cm
  • Effective arm mass: 8.0 grams
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