Here at Argon Audio, we’ve been making turntables for many years. We believe that investing in a turntable really is investing in your music experiences. In the case of our turntables, exclusive materials and ridiculous ease of use all contribute to that special feeling you won’t get anywhere else than vinyl. We promise that all our turntables are super simple to set up and use.

Our TT turntable is the ultimate value-for-money product in our turntable range. It is a great starting point and a very user-friendly turntable. Built-in RIAA makes sure you can connect it directly to any amplifier or any set of active speakers.

If you don't want to compromise on sound quality, look no further than the TT-3. With its modern design and high build quality, the TT-3 is the turntable you want. It’s a simple design on purpose: we’ve focused only on what makes a difference in sound quality. In the design, we've prioritized the parts that really make a difference to the sound. This means that the Ortofon pick-up, the plinth, the platter – are all quality parts that you’d usually only find on way more expensive models.

We find that very often, a turntable can be the fastest and cheapest way to gain access to fantastic sound quality, although we also often hear from our customers that setting up a turntable can seem difficult and complicated. It’s not! All of our turntables are super simple to set up, and we promise that within 5 minutes you'll be getting great sound from your new turntable. Read our guide on how to set up your new turntable here.