Argon Audio

The Story

Argon Audio was established around the turn of the century in Denmark. From the start, value for money was the goal, or in other words, to bring as much sound quality to end customers at the lowest cost possible. Every Argon Audio product is delivered with this in mind, and many ideas have been scrapped over the years as they did not live up to our value for money mission.

In Argon Audio, we stand on the shoulders of giants. We are born out of Danish audio connoisseurs HiFi Klubben, who since 1983 has been a passionate missionary for great sound in Scandinavia. In every product we develop, we still draw on the expertise and experience of HiFi Klubben’s 800 employees, because they meet the customers every day and know their demands best.

This is the very essence of Argon Audio - which is why we can say with confidence that Argon Audio will satisfy your eyes, your ears and your music-loving soul, without compromising your wallet. And that's the promise!

The Beginning of an Era

Our first big success was the DAB1, a small tabletop radio with amazing sound quality compared to all its competitors. Later came the iNet2, which was one of the first products in the world to launch with Spotify Connect. Today, our radios as still going strong and remain one of the most popular tabletop radios for lovers of great sound quality and ease of use and have only gotten better since.

Later came the 7340A and 7350A. We introduced these great active speakers back when the concept of active hi-fi speakers was still quite unheard of for most people outside of the pro audio industry. Since then, we have been leading the market for affordable all-in-one active speaker solutions, and are continuing to innovate and dominate this field in our market.

Five years later, the TT-2 arrived. It remains to this day the best selling turntable ever in HiFi Klubben, and provided amazing sound quality to thousands of people, even back when turntables were much less widespread than today. In 2020, it was replaced by the TT-3 which improved on every aspect but retained the best in class value that TT-2 offered at its time.

Fast forward to the year 2019, which was a very special one for Argon Audio. This was the year our company was established as an independent Ltd. Company, and was officially detached from HiFi Klubben. At the same time, we refreshed our logo to the one you see today. The decision to offer retailers across Europe the same product quality and value for money is in line with the visionary entrepreneurial spirit of HiFi Klubben founder Peter Lyngdorf.

Today the CEO is named Henrik Reinholdtsen, and with the priceless help and feedback from the over 800 employees of HiFi Klubben, Argon Audio continues to deliver the best service and products for our customers in all of Europe.

By focusing on products engineered in Denmark, Scandinavian design, sound that will surprise, and products with convenience in every aspect, Argon Audio is on the path to becoming the preferred supplier of modern audio products in Europe.