Argon Audio FENRIS A4 Active hi-fi speakers
Active hi-fi speakers
€399 / pair
Argon Audio FENRIS A5 Active hi-fi speakers
Active hi-fi speakers
€499 / pair
Argon Audio FENRIS A55 Active hi-fi speakers
Active hi-fi speakers
€699 / pair


Designed and developed in Denmark and building upon the massively successful ALTO-series, FENRIS breaks new ground in the entry-level by raising the sound quality to levels previously not thought possible while also adding brand new features and a sleek new design.

We’d like to make a bold claim: You won’t find any other product at this price with the versatility and sound quality of our FENRIS speakers! They’re quite simply in a class of their own. Jam-packed with features, FENRIS supports Bluetooth 5.0, convenient and powerful TV sound through an ARC connection, turntables (with a dedicated MM-input), and much more.

Looking at the technical side of things, the FENRIS speakers are ‘true’ active speakers, meaning they have four amplifier channels, one for each driver, and an active crossover. Most, if not all, other active speakers in this price range use a regular passive crossover and only two channels of amplification. This upgrade on the amplifier side means we had far better control when voicing the speakers using the built-in DSP, which in turn means our customers will experience improved clarity and dynamics, and a much punchier bass - all unprecedented at this price level.

We have also developed a brand-new bass port which, in combination with our custom-developed drivers, helps our FENRIS speakers sound way bigger than they are.

Key FENRIS features

  • TV ARC, Bluetooth 5.0, phono (MM) input, and more inputs
  • Designed and developed in Denmark
  • True active speakers with four channels of amplification and active crossover
  • Elegant and eye-catching design
  • Entry-level price but real hi-fi quality sound
  • Three finishes and three sizes – something for everybody!