The FORTE Story

The FORTE Story

Known for their pristine yet punchy sound you’d usually only find in much more expensive speakers, our FORTE speakers are truly in a league of their own. But have you ever wondered how these fine speakers came to be, and what exactly makes them so great? We sat down with our engineer Michael Kragelund to give you a rundown of what drives our finest speakers to date:

Advanced Digital Platform

Great active speaker designs open a lot of op­portunities to create speakers that deliver in­credible performance. Our FORTE speaker se­ries is based on an advanced digital platform that our engineer Michael Kragelund crafted to optimize all parameters of the speaker de­sign, and the result is a line of speakers that impresses in every aspect.

One overlooked thing with good active speakers is that 1+1 doesn’t equal 2 – but 4. Meaning that to reach the performance you can get with an active speaker with a 2 x 50 watts amplifier, using conventional passive speakers, you would need an amplifier of 200 watts! This is one of the reasons why active speakers sound so powerful compared to pas­sive speakers.


The DSP (Digital Signal Processing) is an im­portant part of this puzzle. DSP is used to design the crossover and response of the speaker with precision not possible elsewhere.

DSP in combination with active speakers gives more freedom to design optimized drivers without making any compromise. Typically, the woofers in a passive speaker have a mechanical break to avoid damage at high sound levels. Using DSP supervision, the woofer can be designed with higher linearity since the breaking is handled by the DSP. In addition to this, with DSP we can correct speaker response without deterioration – this is simply not pos­sible in a passive speaker.

The Woofers

The woofers in FORTE A55 are a good example of the benefits of transducer design by using DSP. We designed a new motor system with focus on very low distortion without looking at parameters since these can be controlled using DSP. These woofers won’t work in a passive speaker design, but in an active speaker with DSP they shine with class-leading low distortion and extended frequency response.

True Active Speakers

All active speakers from Argon Audio are true active speakers – meaning we do not use old-fashioned passive crossovers. These would simply not offer us the performance we always strive for. Wanna learn more about true active speakers and what makes them superior? Read our blog post here.