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When you receive the product

If you receive a wrong or defective product, we will rectify the error by sending you the correct/new product as soon we are able (we will also send you a return slip so that you do not have to pay for the return shipment).

If you receive your product with visible damage on the shipping carton, you should immediately check whether the damage seems to have affected the product inside the box. If so, you can refuse to receive the package. If there is no damage on the product, you can ask the carrier to note that the packaging was damaged during shipping.

If you notice that your product is damaged in any way after unpacking it (i.e. damage that must have happened during shipping), please contact us as soon as possible. We will then arrange further proceedings so that you can have the goods exchanged without unnecessary waiting time.

Remember to note any serial number

If the item is equipped with a serial number (on the back for example), write down the number so that you have it in case of theft. We recommend printing a copy of your invoice and writing down the serial number on it.

Keep the packaging

We highly recommend that you save the original packaging for your new products. If you need to move the items at a later point, packing them in the original packaging ensures they will not be scratched or otherwise damaged.

Delivery Info

Goods paid online via credit card

Goods are sent with PostNord and are delivered for your collection at the nearest post office, unless other delivery is chosen during checkout. If you have chosen a delivery with distribution, but are not at home at the time of delivery, the package can subsequently be picked up at the nearest post office.

Transport insurance

Included in the freight is an insurance that covers loss and any damage to the product during transport from us to you.


We will only deduct your payment from your card once your order has left our warehouse. If we cannot send your order for some reason, you will not pay.


If you receive a wrong or defective product, we will rectify the error by sending you the correct/new item as soon as possible after you have returned the wrong/defective item.

As a consumer, you have a 2-year right of complaint. This means that you can either get the item repaired, exchanged, or get your money back, depending on the specific situation. It is, of course, a requirement that the complaint is justified

At Argon Audio, however, we also offer a 3-year genuine warranty. This means that you can either get the item repaired, exchanged, or get your money back, depending on the specific situation - within 3 years. It is, of course, a requirement that the complaint is justified and that the defect has not arisen as a result of incorrect use of the product or other damaging behavior.

We refund reasonable shipping costs

If the complaint is justified, we will of course refund your (reasonable) freight costs.

In case of a complaint within the first 30 days, send the product to:

Argon Audio A/S
DALI Allé 1
9610 Nørager

If you file the complaint after the first 30 days, instead send the product to our workshop:

Argon Audio Service department
DALI Allé 1
9610 Nørager

We need the following information when you send the item to us

When you return the item, please state what the problem is, as detailed as possible. Please enclose a copy of the receipt if the item is still under warranty.

Remember that the item must always be returned in proper packaging. Do remember to get a receipt for the shipment so that we can refund your shipping costs.

We will notify you when we receive your return shipment

If you have returned a product we will always notify you via an email when we have received the item. In the email you will find an attached credit note, or you will receive information about the further process in connection with the processing of your return/complaint.

Warranty at Argon Audio

At Argon Audio you get 3 years of genuine warranty (6 years in Norway). We fully believe in the quality of our products, and we do not think that you should bear the burden of proof if your product had a possible defect from birth.

The warranty covers malfunctions and includes spare parts and labor.

The warranty does not cover wear, misuse, and improper connection, damage during transportation as a result of poor packaging, professional use or inadequate general maintenance.

Please keep your purchase invoice, which has information on the product type and serial number. This is your proof of warranty.

Service and spare parts

At Argon Audio we have our own service workshop with many years of experience fixing our products. We can therefore perform all repairs on your device quickly and correctly. We are also ready to help if you need a speaker unit or other spare parts.

Spare parts

If you have questions about spare parts, or do you want to order spare parts, please contact us at info@argonaudio.com.

How to send your device for repair

Should your device need repairs or service, you can send it directly to our workshop. You must always remember to contact us first via the website or at info@argonaudio.com. Also, always keep a copy of the purchase invoice with the appliance as it is your guarantee of warranty.

Be aware

The product should always be shipped in its original packaging. Especially for heavier devices, this is very important. Devices sent in non-original packaging cannot be covered by transport insurance.

Purchase invoice (a copy is fine) and detailed error description must always accompany the product for repair.

Freight costs for direct shipping to the workshop are paid by the sender. Argon Audio pays return freight on warranty repairs.

Always read the instruction manual and make sure that the defect/error is not casued by improper use before sending your product for repair. In some cases, a reset on the device can correct the error.

For warranty repairs

We provide a 3 year warranty on all products sold through argonaudio.com (except in Norway, where the warranty is 6 years).

Warranty repairs must be performed by us.

The warranty does not cover normal wear, overload, fault connection and the like.

Troubleshooting and price estimates

If the warranty on your device has expired and you are in doubt as to whether repairing the product is feasible, you can request a price estimate for the repair. Contact us at info@argonaudio.com for more info.

Shipping to the Argon Audio service workshop

Argon Audio Service department
Dali Allé 1
9610 Nørager
Email: info@argonaudio.com