Shipping policy

When you receive the product

If you receive a wrong or defective product, we will rectify the error by sending you the correct/new product as soon we are able (We will also send you a return slip so that you do not have to pay for the return shipment).

If you receive your product with visible damage on the shipping carton, you should immediately check whether the damage seems to have affected the product inside the box. If so, you can refuse to receive the package. If there is no damage to the product, you can ask the carrier to note that the packaging was damaged during shipping.

If you notice that your product is damaged in any way after unpacking it (i.e. damage that must have happened during shipping), please contact us as soon as possible and attach pictures of the damage. We will then arrange further proceedings so that you can have the goods exchanged without unnecessary waiting time.

Remember to note any serial number

If the item is equipped with a serial number (on the back for example), write down the number so that you have it in case of theft. We recommend printing a copy of your invoice and writing down the serial number on it.

Keep the packaging.

We highly recommend that you keep the original packaging for your new products. If you need to move the items at a later point, packing them in the original packaging ensures they will not be scratched or otherwise damaged. If you wish to return the product within the timeframe for returns the original packaging must be intact and undamaged. Should the original packaging not be available, we retain the right to charge a fee, and then you will be refunded only a portion of the total amount (the fee will be deducted). This policy is implemented due to the necessity of relisting the item, which may involve providing new packaging (including handling costs).