Center Speaker: What Does It Do?

Center Speaker: What Does It Do?

Imagine this: you’re watching a movie, and a big fight scene comes on – we’re talking explosion and the whole shebang. You turn the volume slightly down ‘cause, man, that is loud. Cut to an intimate scene with two characters talking and suddenly you have to turn the volume up even further than before – annoying right? That’s where the center speaker comes in to save the day.

In fact, the center speaker works as the beating heart of your surround setup. It's developed to reproduce voices and dialog perfectly, making your movie-watching experience even more immersive.

But this isn’t all. The center speaker is actually the most important part of a surround sound setup. The majority of the dialogue and action in a movie happens front and center on your screen – meaning the sound comes from the center speaker. By letting a center speaker do that much of the heavy lifting you’re freeing up the left and right speakers to only reproduce the sounds you actually want to come from them.

So, if you’re serious about movies, you HAVE to own a center speaker.