Radio & Adapters

Easy access to a world of exciting radio, music and news. Argon Audio's RADIO range is available with DAB+, FM, Internet Radio and streaming. Our internet radios are compact tabletop radios that sound much bigger than they actually are. The insides are jam-packed with speaker tech you’d usually find in, you know, traditional speakers, but all have been reduced and minimized to this super-compact form factor. Throw it on the kitchen counter to add musical spice to your cooking or place it somewhere near your shower to add backing tracks to your mornings.

Our radios are built to show off. We’ve taken excessive care to make the entire device look and feel like something you’d actually want to have standing around.

RADIO 1 might just be the best DAB+ radio available at this price. You get DAB+, FM radio and pristine sound. If you upgrade to RADIO 2 or higher, you'll also get Bluetooth as well, so you can stream your favourite music with ease. If space isn’t an issue, consider the RADIO 3. The RADIO3 is equipped with two separate speakers, which sounds even better.

If you want access to an almost infinite number of radio stations and even streaming with Spotify Connect, choose our RADIO 2I or RADIO 3I - which in addition to all the same features, also have built-in Internet Radio and Spotify Connect.