Tips & Tricks: Active Speakers

Tips & Tricks: Active Speakers

Setting up our active speakers is so easy even my grandmother could do it (that’s not an overstatement, she actually did!). Still, we want to ensure you get the most out of your brand-new FENRIS or FORTE speakers, so we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks to get you started.

1. Speaker placement

Correct speaker placement is not a must but can drastically improve the speakers’ performance. The ‘correct’ speaker placement is dependent on what you want and how your room looks, meaning the best way to find the optimal position is to experiment. Therefore, we can’t give you an exact set of rules but here are a few guidelines to get the best possible performance from your speakers:

  • Make sure that both speakers have the same distance to the back wall to improve stereo perspective.
  • Placing the speakers closer to the wall will result in more bass whereas placing the speakers further from the wall will result in less bass.
  • As a rule of thumb, the listening position and speakers should be placed in a triangle.
  • If you opt to angle the speakers, ensure they are both angled to the same degree.

2. Breaking in new speakers

New speakers are like new shoes – they require a period of breaking in to reach their full potential. After some use, you'll notice improved dynamics, better bass, and a more open sound.

The break-in process can vary from 10 to 100 hours, depending on the model however, you'll often begin noticing improvements after just a few hours of use.

NOTE: The speakers still have great sound quality right out of the box. This is simply to note that the sound might change (for the better) after the first couple of weeks of use.

3. Decoupling

Decoupling the speakers from the surface they're placed on can greatly enhance their performance. Our speakers are supplied with adhesive rubber feet for attachment underneath.

TIP: If the speakers are positioned on an uneven surface, try using three feet (placed in an isosceles triangle) instead of four. This prevents tilting.

Alternatively, if you have the A4 or A5 model you can try our raising and angling your speakers using our DESKTOP STANDS, STEL 57 or STATIV 62. If you’re looking to mount your speakers on a wall you should use the STATIV WALL BRACKET or STEL WALL BRACKET to ensure the right fit and look for the speakers.