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Add the convenience of wireless connectivity to your hi-fi system. WRT (Wireless Receiver Transmitter) allows you to easily connect your stereo or active speakers to a turntable or subwoofer without the need for long cables. This gives you the freedom to place your equipment in any location, without the hassle of managing cords. How clever!

  • Wireless sound transmission between the stereo and subwoofer, turntable, etc.
  • Good stability and high wireless sound quality via Wi-Fi (16-bit/48kHz)
  • Wireless range of up to 15 meters
  • Easy to use and takes up minimal space
  • USB power supplies and cables included
  • Small audio delay in wireless transmission (25ms)*
  • Wireless Wi-Fi transmitter/receiver set (2.4 GHz)
  • Wireless range of up to 15 meters
  • 16-bit/48kHz wireless sound transmission
  • Frequency range: 5-24,000 Hz (±1.5 dB)
  • Latency (audio delay): 25.5 ms**
  • Included accessories: 2 x 5V USB power supply, 2 x USB-A to Micro USB charging cable (80 cm), 2 x stereo mini jack to RCA L/R cable (55 cm), 2 x stereo mini jack to RCA single cable (55 cm)
  • Dimensions: 5.0 x 2.1 x 7.0 cm (WxHxD) (x2)
  • Weight: approximately 35 grams (x2)

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Wireless freedom. Place your equipment worry-free!

Connect your turntable or subwoofer wirelessly

Argon Audio WRT (Wireless Receiver Transmitter) eliminates the need for long cables, allowing you to connect your turntable or subwoofer wireless with ease. The two devices (transmitter and receiver) use a mutual Wi-Fi signal that is completely independent of your home network, providing full CD-quality sound (16-bit/48kHz) with better stability and sound quality than similar Bluetooth-based solutions.

Setting up the WRT is quick and easy, simply connect the transmitter to your turntable/subwoofer and the receiver to your amplifier/active speakers and enjoy your favorite music wirelessly.

*The wireless transmission causes a slight time delay in the audio signal (25ms), which is insignificant during normal music playback. If you are using WRT with a TV or projector, you can usually adjust the time delay on the equipment so that the sound and picture are synced.


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